Steel Saw Blades

Designed to easily cut through steel studs, steel sheets, metal rods, steel pipes, channels and rebar. Specially designed carbide grade resists breakage and lasts longer than standard carbide or abrasive discs. The ideal blade for cutting through all sorts of metal due to its unique tooth geometry, special carbide and its chip limiting steel support. To be used on special cut-off machines such as Jepson. Using the right RPM (Low) is critical.

WARNING! For use with low RPM chop saws only. Steel Cutting Blades can only be used on dry-cutting chop saws like Jepson™ so long as the recommended RPM is not surpassed. Ganging of material being cut is not recommended & damage to machinery, saw blades or serious injury to personnel could result! Please refer to your machine owner's manual.


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