49524, Amana Carbide Tipped Corner Round 1-1/4" Radius x 3" Dia x 1-1/2" x 1/2" Shank


The basic edge-forming bit, the corner-rounding bit rounds an edge to a given radius. The tool is shouldered to cut a fillet. The cut can be used to ease edges, as a simple profile, or as a part of a complex one. Also known as roundover, rounding over and quarter-round. If a smaller pilot bearing is used, a second shoulder can be produced, in effect making the bit a beading bit. Maximum RPM 16,000. Use in a table-mounted router. Not for use in a handheld router! Not guaranteed due to extreme diameter and radius. For best results it is recommended to use a smaller radius bit or chamfer the material prior to using these large radius tools. Tool life will be prolonged and a smoother finish will result.